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AK-47 Type III, circa 1954, Izhevsk Arsenal (SLR-100 based Replica)
Our second "Builder's Showcase" displays an excellent Type 3 AK-47 built by Dean Davison. Dean has built some of the most beautifully crafted AK rifles I have ever seen, and specializes in the early style AK rifle. This rifle is just one of a number of his outstanding milled receiver rifle projects, but it serves as a great showcase of his knowledge and skills as a gunsmith. It is quite obvious that Dean has an eye for fine detail!

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AK-103, circa 2007, Izhevsk Arsenal (Saiga-based Home Built Replica)
We are proud to kick off a new series called "Builder's Showcase" with this article which presents the amazing talents of Thirtycal, who has no doubt built one of the best looking AK-103's we have ever seen. He has kindly allowed us to display his workmanship and has taken time to write a few words to help the do-it-yourself builder get a grasp on what is involved in such a project.

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AKS-74N, Circa 1985, Izhmash Arsenal (DCI-based Replica)
Soviet mid-war Kalashnikovs include the last examples of wood-stocked AK-74's!

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AK-105, Circa 1999, Izhmash Arsenal (Saiga-based Replica)
This Century Series carbine represents the best of the best, thanks to a meticulous owner and Marshall Arms!

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Ak101, Izhmash Arsenal (Saiga-based Replica)
Having fun with the Saiga .223 can become habit forming! Check out Aardvark's Russian masterpiece and see what can be accomplished with the right parts and the right builder.

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Soviet Sandbox: Kabul 1984
A professional replica of the AKS-74U grabs our undivided attention!

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Blue Steel: Recreating a Legend
A finely crafted replica of the classic Type 3 AK-47 displays old world quality!

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1972 Soviet AKMS, Izhevsk State Arsenal
This mint condition rifle is the perfect example of Soviet craftmanship

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Romanian AIMS-74, RATMIL State Arsenals
A collection of photographs from various sources documents the unique Romanian AK-74 in action!

Exhibits Page 18
1984 Soviet AKS-74U, Tula manufacture
Gracious hosts and twin AKSU's greet fellow collectors in the Great Motherland!

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1986 Soviet AKS-74, Izhevsk manufacture
Kosovo Kalashnikovs Part 2: Mr. Hood delivers the goods and Ekie gives us the details on this in-service war trophy

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1982 Egyptian ARM "Red Dawn Maadi"

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1983 Soviet AKS-74U, Tula manufacture
AKSU in service with KFOR in Kosovo!

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Soviet AK-47 "Type III" Replica, circa 1953-59

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Soviet AKS-74UN Replica, with PBS Silent Fire Device

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Highly Detailed Soviet AKS-74 Project Rifle, Circa 1983

Exhibits Page 11
In Detail: Russian AK-74N Rifle With "Plum" Furniture (Glass-Reinforced Polyamide)

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In Detail: Russian AK-74N Rifle With Laminated Wood Furniture

Exhibits Page 9
In Detail: 1983 Soviet AKS-74N, Izhevsk Arsenal

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In Detail: 1984 Soviet AK-74, Izhevsk Arsenal

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Black Guns: Modern Post ban rifles in US "AK-103" Configurations

Exhibits Page 6
The most extensive collection of AKS-74U Krinkov variants in the country, courtesy of RKArms!

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Outstanding Early Russian AK-74 project! (circa 1976)

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Military styled pre-ban Buildups

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SAR 3 Improvement Project

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Privately owned military, pre-ban and selective fire rifles

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Conversions and kit built Kalashnikovs